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Item No:  ETC 0200
Product Name:  UCPFlex - EYEOP1
Product Type:  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Glaucoma

Product Description:

Ultrasound Cyclo Plasty (UCP) is a non-invasive technique that utilizes high-intensity focused ultrasound to provide targeted, controlled and gentle thermal coagulation of the ciliary body via specialized, miniaturized transducers.It can be used for a broad spectrum of patients, from naïve-of-surgery patients under maximal hypotensive medication to moderate and advanced glaucoma cases. UCP can be used for open angle as well as angle closure glaucoma, and for primary and secondary glaucoma.

Mechanisms of action : 
UCP allows the decrease of humour production by coagulation of the ciliary body.

  1. A controlled rise in temperature minimizes the risk of overheating the tissue (no explosion).
  2. Pinpoint precision allows the preservation of surrounding tissues.
  3. Allows precise control of energy deposition as ultrasound absorption does not depend on pigmentation.

Clinical results & Efficacy :

UCP has been used worldwide to treat more than 13,000 patients with an average IOP reduction of 30-35% at 12 months and a success rate of 65-75% at 12 months (success is defined as IOP reduction >20% and final IOP >5 mmHg without supplemental hypotensive medications)

Multiple treatments :

A clinical study has shown the overall procedure efficacy to improve after multiple UCP treatments
Population: 40 patients
• 42% with previous filtering surgery
• 35% of POAG
• 65% non POAG
- 7.5% angle closure
- 20% exfoliative
- 30% neovascular
- 7.5% other

No phthisis bulbi, induced cataract, or persistent hypotony were recorded in the published clinical studies.
Low rate of vision-threatening complications (<2%), generally transient.
No major change in BCVA (>1line) in 86% of surgery-naïve patients treated by UCP at 12 months.