D.EYE Retinal Imaging
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Product Description:

The D-EYE™ portable retinal screening system consists of a mobile device (Apple iOS) camera attachment, capable of capturing high-definition video and still images of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, along with a cloud-based application for sharing the images and related data for diagnosis by appropriate medical personnel. The system is currently in clinical trial in support of a 510K Class II approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, US HIPAA privacy laws, certification in Italy (recognized throughout the European Union), CE certification, and UL approval in the United Kingdom.


The D-EYE Features:

  • An effective and less expensive retinal screening capability.
  • A portable ophthalmoscope capable of imaging the fundus of the eye, small enough to go anywhere and requiring no external power.
  • 20% greater field of view than traditional ophthalmoscopes.
  • An examination device that is both easy and ergonomic to use.
  • A secure, protected, cloud-based data storage capability permits viewing of screening results by appropriately trained medical professionals in any location around the globe.
  • Recording multiple high-definition video and still images per screening
  • An effective tool for use in multiple clinical or educational environments
  • Easy observations, without any disturbing corneal glare or reflection, even without dilating drops.
  • A built-in patient information file.

This innovative approach to ophthalmoscopy promotes earlier diagnosis of a variety of conditions, including: