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Item No: PH-PCI-40-1000
Product Name: ICON
Product Type: Wide-field Retinal Imaging Platform


Product Description:

The team at Phoenix Technology Group has created a revolutionary wide-field retinal imaging platform that delivers high-contrast, high resolution images, with quality you can see.

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             48 year old patient                     19 year old patient                    23 year old patient

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          Darkly pigmented retina                 < 2 months of age                  Fluorescein Angiogram


• Easily export any image in DICOM format
• Light weight, easy to move about using finger grip
• All new modernized design
• 6-hour battery life
• HD monitor
• Motorized vertical adjust for sitting or standing
• Touch screen controls on image capture and review
• Image zoom in real-time
• Reinvented optics for high-contrast, high resolution imaging

Image Quality
• Completely reinvented illumination, optics & sensor technology
• Hi-mag, 100 degree field of view with illumination throughout the image
• Image quality you can see. Lift the cloud from your images with Phoenix Direct Illumination & reinvented optics and imaging software
• Use light intensity & gain controls to capture amazing images while balancing patient comfort
• Quickly switch light modules in the hand piece for bright field imaging and fluorescein angiography

Fluorescein Angiography

Snap the blue light LED module into the hand piece, flip the switch for the barrier filter and you're ready to capture incredible fluorescein angiograms.
What's more, the ICON blue light intensity is nearly 3 times lower than other real -time imaging systems.


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