Older News- EasyScan screening

ExciMed Provides EasyScan Zero Mydriasis cSLO Camera for Retina Awareness Screening Days in 1Utama Shopping Mall

ExciMed provided the laser driven EasyScan to take retinal images of the public visiting the 1Utama mall during the weekend of the 18th and 19th of this month, acquiring binocular retinal images of about 600 men and women of all ages.

The EasyScan is a revolutionary, portable non mydriatic camera that uses the confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope principle, formerly only available in very costly instruments, not fit for screening purposes. EasyScan automatically captures a large set of 26 high contrast retinal images per eye in two different wavelengths and focal planes, that provide a powerful tool for differential diagnostics of many retinal diseases.

Out of about 600 people in two days of screening activity, only both eyes of one person suffering of retinitis pigmentosa and one eye of an amblyopic person could not be imaged, due to their inability to fixate, yielding an amazing result of 3 non adequate eyes out of more than 1,200. At 26 images per eye this results in more than 31,200 retinal images!

The EasyScan was setup in a booth, under a powerful spotlight and in a well illuminated area of 1Utama. However not a single person had to be left turned down due to a small pupil, and it wasn’t necessary to cover up or otherwise darken the space around the camera. A pupil diameter of less than 2 mm is perfectly enough for the EasyScan.

Although some people presented cataracts, they all could be imaged through their cataract with good image contrast, due to the laser scanning working principle of the EasyScan.

For more information about EasyScan please visit www.excimed.com.