Late Breaking News

ExciMed was very busy lately, attending the most important ophthalmology congresses this spring.

One such conference was the ASCRS in San Francisco, USA and another one was the DOC in Nürnberg, Germany. In between there was the SECOIR in Spain.

The outcome of those visits is the addition of two new distributions to ExciMed’s high tech product offering: the electronic neuromodulator ScyFix 700 and the range of sterile, disposable diagnostic and surgical contact lenses from SENSOR Medical Technologies.

The Electronic Neuromodulator ScyFix 700 is a transcutaneous electronic stimulation device that has been proven to slow down or halt the progression of degenerative retinal diseases, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, dry AMD, Stargardt’s disease and glaucoma. According to a recent study, 95% of the patients stop progressing and 25% of the patients improve in a statistically significant way. The treatment is simple and safe and is based on long standing research by Sato, the Max Planck institute and others, showing that low intensity currents applied to the eye helps stop cell death and aids in the recovery of dying retinal cells.

At ExciMed we are hopeful that this device will help those patients who suffer from progressive and unstoppable loss of vision.

The complete range of high quality Disposable Diagnostic and Surgical Lenses from SENSOR Medical Technologies represents a giant leap in the manufacturing of high precision optics at an incredibly low price. The proprietary technology of SENSOR allows for the production of sterile packed, disposable lenses, such as the classic Goldmann 3 mirror lens at a price of xxx RM. Those lenses have the same optical quality!

Gone are the days when a lost or damaged diagnostic lens caused a sizeable expense or when cumbersome and time consuming procedures were needed to properly sterilize a lens after being used with a patient with an infectious disease.

ExciMed is striving to serve its mission to help to prevent blindness and to deliver to the Malaysian eye care specialist the newest technologies as soon as they become available. There is more to come, please continue to visit our web site for more, important news!