IPCL V2.0 Monofocal
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Item No: EU-EPCL-V2-M
Product Name: IPCL V2.0 Monofocal
Product Type: Monofocal Implantable Phakic Contact Lenses

Product Description:

IPCL V2.0 has special patterned hole on upper left corner to ensure proper direction of the lens while loading in the cartridge and unfolding inside the eye, the anterior side of the lens is facing upwards. Its innovative six haptic pads ensures better stability in the ciliary sulcus. IPCL V2.0 has a unique hole in the centre of the optic for proper aqueous flow. The size of the hole is 380 micron. This hole is designed by unique engineering pattern to minimize light scattering and glare and does not induce significant visual disturbances.



  • IPCL V2.0 is like a soft contact lens, single piece posterior chamber phakic IOL, which can be inserted into the eye through sub 2.8mm incision.
  • Made from reinforced hybrid hydrophilic acrylic material to ensure long term performance.
  • The IPCL V2.0 portfolio offers the widest range on the market, customising to as high as +15D and -30D.
  • The lens is customized according to the shape and size of each eye.
  • IPCL V2.0 provides high definition vision because of it’s ASPHERIC OPTIC unlike LASIK.


Innovative Design

  • Haptic markings and notches aid orientation during lens positioning and loading of the lens in the cartridge.
  • Better stability because of 3 haptic pads design.
  • Specially engineered spring haptic pads for more accurate white to white sizing. Angled optic-haptics ensure optimal distance(vaulting) from the natural lens.
  • The IPCL V2.0 myopia models all have the proprietary central hole to optimise aqueous flow. The hole has been designed to minimise light scattering and disturbances.
  • Two holes at the edge of the optics guarantee an uninterrupted anterior chamber aqueous flow. The holes are in an upper position in order to avoid light reflexes or scattering.
  • The IPCL V2.0 lenses have specially created smooth edges to eliminate iris trauma.
  • The four optic haptic holes are designed to control IOP and equalising of pressures.