Trial Lens Aluminum Rim
Product SKU AL232BIII
Brand TianNuo Optical Instrument
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Item No: AL232BIII
Product Name: Trial Lens Aluminium Rim
Product Type: Trial Lens

Product Description:

  • Reduced-aperture trial lens of 26mm in diameter, 232 pieces included, of accurate power degrees and perfect outlook finish.
  • Aluminium mounts anodized into different colours, with the power marks printed near the handles for easy identification.
  • Cylindrical and Prismatic lenses fitted well to prevent rotation
  • Removable wooden tray with labels of white background
  • Hand-made wood casing with grey inner-felt

Tray: 444mm (Width) x 329 (Length) x 30mm (Height)
Case: 470mm (Width) x 358 (Length) x 65mm (Height)
Weight: 5.1kg

Trial Lenses: