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Item No:  130101
Product Name:  Amblyz Glasses
Product Type:  Treatment for Amblyopia

Product Description:
Electronic eyeglasses Amblyz™ are a medical device used to treat amblyopia (also known as „lazy eye“). Amblyz™ glasses are formed in shape of glasses to facilitate its use. They are an electronic device, based on intermittent shuttering of one of the lenses. Amblyz™ glasses are worn the same way as normal optical glasses.

Amblyz™ glasses have been developed by XPAND in conjunction with world-renowned ophthalmologists and optometrists. The technology was tested in clinical settings and proven safe and efficient. Well established peer reviewed scientific journals have reviewed these results and published articles describing the therapeutic effect of our Amblyz™ glasses.

Amblyz™ Glasses 101
Amblyz™ glasses are a device for treatment of amblyopia. Its basic operating principle is to occlude the healthy eye in regular and intermittent periods to force the amblyopic eye to function and develop.
Amblyz™ glasses should be recommended by ophthalmologist. Opticians will set up your child’s Amblyz™ glasses.
The child should wear Amblyz™ glasses throughout the day no matter the activity.
The battery of the device should be recharged every night. The occlusion of the good eye will be performed automatically with prescribed intervals

Benefits of Amblyz™ Glasses
No hourly monitoring administration required by parents.
Periodical occlusion is more convenient to the child in his daily activities thus increases compliance.
Periodical occlusion enforces binocular vision exercise.
Technology allows patient/child to enjoy an active, normal lifestyle.
Better patient compliance means increased efficiency of treatment.

What kind of device is Amblyz™ Glasses?
Amblyz™ glasses is a non-prescription aid in form of electronic eyeglasses. The diagnosing ophthalmologist usually recommends the product. The customer buys the product at selected optic shops, where the nose piece is adjusted and the device is programmed to shutter over the correct eye. The programming does not demand any special skills and there is no need for any extra hardware, except the glasses themselves. The patient wears the glasses all day for a determined length of time. The battery should be recharged every night with the cable that is part of the product package.



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