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RETeval Visual Electrodiagnostic Device
This revolutionary device measured the 30 Hz flicker implicit time, which has a strong correlation to retinal ischemic diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.

Design Features
• Handheld
• Utilizes skin electrodes
• Mydriatic- free
• Ultra low-noise digital amplifier

Easy to Use
• Instant results displayed on screen
• Test duration is less than 5 minutes per patient
• Built-in pupilometry adjust flash and background intensity enabling testing without pupil dilation
• Single electrode array is placed on skin for each eye
• IR camera allows visualization of eye during test
• Simple joystick control
• Multi- lingual user interface
• Fixation LED for the patient

• Blink and electrode- disconnected detection for more reliable results
• Small and lightweight- 2.8'W x 3.8'D x 9'H (7cm x 10cm x 23cm), 232g.

Clinical Capabilities
Reports 30 Hz flicker implicit time
Provides interpretation of implicit time for risk of vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy