iDiff IOL
Brand Care Group
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Product Name: iDiff IOL
Product Type: Multifocal Toric Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lens

Product Description:


iDIFF Plus is a new generation refractive-diffractive presbyopic IOL with an increasing step height and diffractive pattern combined with increased step angulation between transition zones, resulting in superior optical quality for both distance and near. The design enables balanced distribution of light (60/40 light distribution for far and near respectively) and higher MTF values, which increases contrast sensitivity in all lighting conditions and reduces the effects of scattered light, such that it persists glare and haloes and is pupil independent. The lens is available in both a double haptic and a plate haptic design for the preference of the surgeon.


  • It is neutral to the cornea, thus suitable for majority of patients regardless of corneal shape.
  • Performance is unaffected by optic misalignment or pupil decentration.
  • New generation refractive - Diffractive Presbyopic IOL.
  • Aspheric optic provides improved visual quality for the patients.
  • Provides better visual outcomes by reducing reflected glare.
  • Reduces Scattering of light & Halos through slantedtransition zones.

Technical Specifications: