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LacriPro Punctum Plug
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LacriPro Punctum Plug

Item: LC-PP-1833/5/7/9

Brand: ( Lacrimedics )

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Item No: LC-PP-1833/5/7/9
Product Name: LacriPro Punctum Plug
Product Type: Punctum Plug

Product Description:
There are two sterile plugs per box. Each plug is pre-mounted on an insertion tool in a individual sealed tray.  Reservoir indentations trap tears and reduce foreign body sensation.  LacriPro features simplified sizing - the number of indentations correspond to plug size.  The insertion tool features a dilator on the end opposite the plug for ease of insertion and improved patient comfort. Plugs are made with 100% medical grade silicone. Color: clear

Ref. No.                 Size

1833                      0.6mm (x-small)

1835                      0.7mm (small)

1837                      0.8mm (medium)

1839                      0.9mm (large)


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