Trial Frame 4880Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM)
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Item: BI13100002

Brand: ( bcn Innova )

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Item No:  BI13100002
Product Name:  Gazelab
Product Type:  Videoculograph (VOG) with a laser projection system for diagnostic

Product Description:

This medical device is equipped with two cameras with infrared vision, which allows you to record the eye movements with great precision. The laser projector leads the patient's gaze, projecting at any point in space.

 - Versions.
 - Cover Uncover test.
 - Alternate Cover test.
 - Bielchowsky test.
 - Ocular Motility Limits.
 - Ocular Motility Recording.

While the projection system leads the gaze, the cameras film both eyes and the computer analyzes the images (scanning the pupil and the iris) to measure:
• How much the ocular deviation is (between both eyes),
• What the behavior of the pupils is,
• How the eyes are oscillating,
• And if the eye is in torsion and how much this torsion is.




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