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EyePCL Presbyopia Toric

EyePCL Presbyopia Toric


Brand: ( Eyeol UK )

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Product Name: EyePCL Presbyopia Toric
Product Type: Multifocal Toric Implantable Phakic Contact Lenses

Product Description:

The Quick & Safe way to get Rid of your Reading Glasses

Presbyopic Toric Implantable Phakic Contact Lens, providing superior vision for myopic and hyperopic patients with astigmatism. Refractive correction ranging from +15D to -30D with astigmatism correcting of up to 8D. This range also comes with reading additions from +1.50D to +3.00D.


 After approximately 40 years of age, most people find it increasingly difficult to see the near objects. This condition is known as Presbyopia and is a normal part of ageing. It develops as the lens of the eye becomes less flexible. Presbyopia should not be confused with by hyperopia or farsightedness, which is related to the size of eyeball.

The Presbyopic EyePCL Implantation is a procedure that ensures a hassle-free life, eliminating the need to use reading glasses after 40 years of age.


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